South Beach

Every years this place becomes the hottest spot for those looking for some real waves to catch. South Beach is known for its radical 5-7 ft waves and so much more ….

What about the kids ?!

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Miami Beaches for Families

Lummus Park Beach

Located in the South of Miami , by the Atlantic Ocean. South Beach went from a propety of sand to one of the highly ranked beaches in FL…

Explore the beaches that South Miami has to offer…

As you visit South Beach we recommend you stop by and take a long break on this beatiful park/ beach ; Lummus Park Beach. One of the most popoular beaches in South Beach. This beach manages to cover all of Ocean Drive , taking you on an enjoyable 3 hour long walk. This particular spot is also enjoyable for families and kids.

This breath-taking park / beach can grant you the experience you desire. Here you can find famous skaters , 10-20 palm trees , celebrities and volleyball fanatics. This place truly fullfills the expectations of the Miami tourists.

Flamingo Park

A popular spot for South Beach kids , containing baskball and tennis courts , football fiels , soccer fields this park has it all to keep the little ones engaged on the trip. One buring off some energy take a trip over to The Aquatic Center of Flamingo Park where everyone can cool off.