South Beach offers every type of accommodations, hotel, beach resort, Art Deco Hotel, world class hotel, you may be looking for as you prepare your trip to South Beach.

South Beach. A plethora of Hotels, Resorts, B&B, Boutique Hotels, economy hotels, Hostels, all either ocean front with absolutely stunning

views or within walking distance of the beach. Ranging from world-class luxury hotels and resorts to quaint, buzzing with activity to a romantic,

quiet getaway, regardless of what lodging you select, in South Beach, you are never far from all of the fun and excitement you

are looking for. Whether you want to bask in the sun at the South Beach strand, or you wish to exploit all of the art galleries, shopping

opportunities that South Beach has to offer, you are never more that a short walk away. If you’re looking for a night on the

town and do the club scene or you want to dine at one of the many exclusive South Beach restaurants, the place you’re looking

for may well be in the very hotel you have selected or perhaps next door.  South Beach makes it incredibly easy to enjoy all

that it has to offer.